DATE: 15TH July

Reviving the heritage of indigenous cultures and embracing the diversity of societies globally. Occupational Therapy Department at Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences organized “Cultural Exhibition”. The students of Batch III, Semester IV, 2nd year represented Kohistani, Balti, Kalashi, Indus Valley Civilization, and Quechua Culture from Peru. They showcased each distinct culture highlighting their unique beliefs, religion, clothing, ornaments, architecture, and geography with great zest. They were dressed in their festive clothing and jewelry. The principal Ms. Sumaira, H.O.D Ms. Neelum, Sir Nabeel, Ms. Saima and other faculty members visited each stall and promoted exchange of knowledge.

Learning about other cultures helps occupational therapy students understand different perspectives within the world, it assists in dispelling negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups. Occupational therapists, being an advocate for embracing differences, highlighted cultural diversity which helps recognize and respect “ways of being” that are not necessarily our own. In addition, it helps build bridges to trust, respect and build acceptance along with fostering inclusion irrespective of diversity.

 Occupational therapy practitioners support the health and participation of clients through engagement in occupation, which is inextricably linked with culture. Thus, promoting indulgent and improved ability to adequately serve individuals who look, think and behave differently from us.