SEMINAR: Community, Forensic Psychiatry and Rehabilitation 29th December 2022

SEMINAR: Community, Forensic Psychiatry and Rehabilitation - 29th December 2022

On December 29, 2022, Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences organized an interactive session with Dr. Khurram Hafeez Khan, a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist at Scotland’s State Hospital, Carstairs. The session focused on community, forensic psychiatry, and rehabilitation, and aimed to promote advocacy for mental disorders, multidisciplinary management and rehabilitation, and recovery and exploration of the interface between mental disorders and the criminal justice system.

Ms. Neelum Zehra, the Vice-Principal and Head of Occupational Therapy, introduced Dr. Khurram, who began the session by outlining the purpose and objectives of forensic psychiatric facilities. He then explained the basic assessment process that involves a mental state examination and the significance of therapeutic alliance and therapeutic optimism, using real life case examples.

Dr. Khurram kept the session interactive and shared that a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team is an integral part of forensic rehabilitation. He also shared different approaches for treatment and advocated for students about the causes of mental health disorders.

Dr. Sumaira Imran Farooqui, the Principal of Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences, thanked Dr. Khurram for continuing advocacy through an online session previously, and they also discussed the feasibility of future collaboration between the institutes to promote learning among rehabilitation professionals.