M. Phil. in Physical Therapy


Ziauddin University an HEC recognized W4 Category University has been created with a vision to promote the advancement of knowledge in health sciences through excellence in teaching, research, and public service. The University endeavors to develop in each student, the virtues and values of humanity, dignity and worthiness; a desire and capacity for critical reasoning; the ability to communicate; and the skills for acquiring new knowledge and meeting the challenges of an exponential growth of information. The institution focuses on developing competence, personal fulfillment and responsible leadership in science and public service.


Bestowing eminence in Rehabilitation.


Being a futuristic rehabilitation sciences institution, becoming an integral part of health system, preparing future rehab professionals with the knowledge, skill and attributes of evidence-based practice for the community’s wellbeing.



Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences (ZCRS) was established in year 1999 with the mission to produce competent Therapist by providing quality education, promoting research and evidence based practice with the intent to promote multi-disciplinary approach. The college offers undergraduate programs in the field of Physical Therapy (Doctor of Physical Therapy), Occupational Therapy (Doctor of Occupational Therapy) and Health Education and Sports Sciences (Bachelors and Associate Degrees) that is at par with the international standards and HEC guidelines.

Since Pakistan has a scarcity of research scholars in the field of Rehabilitation Sciences hence to create a dynamic research community and enabling therapist to fully equip themselves with the skills they require to excel in research based practice, ZCRS feels privileged as being pioneers in starting the Higher Degree programs in the field of Physical Therapy.

Mission Statement of Department

Department of Physical Therapy is committed to produce competent physical therapist by providing knowledge and skilled based education; also inculcating the element of research with intent to improve patient care.

Mission Statement of Program

To serve mankind by preparing graduates of doctor of physical therapy as professional’s having a commitment to excellence in total patient care guided by belief in human worth and dignity with integrated approaches compatible to evolution in health profession. These physiotherapy practitioners will be the future leaders in their field equipped with ethical approach to practice along a strong research base, critical thinking and lifelong learning.

Doctor of Physical Therapy


  1. To integrate and apply clinical basic science, applied science, and professional knowledge.
  2. To be skilled professionals, self – directed learners, and competent clinical decision makers and to prevent and reduce incidence and severity of impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities.
  3. To acquire and sustain the confidence of the patient, care–givers, colleagues, and community members by demonstrating high level of competence, accountability, ethical standards, and moral behaviors through critical reasoning, clinical decision making and knowledge.
  4. To understand, critically evaluate, and apply scientific research.
  5. To respond sensitively to the diverse health care needs of patients, care – givers, and society.
  6. To contribute in the evolution of physical therapy profession and its role in the health care sector with emphasis on the promotion of health and wellness in the community.
  7. To provide cost effective, quality – based services.

These objectives are to be accomplished through

  1. An innovative, integrated, system–based curriculum designed to permit continuous evolution / improvement.
  2. A strong content foundation in the physical, clinical, and behavioral sciences.
  3. .Problem–based and case–based learning experiences, integrating scientific knowledge with clinical expertise.
  4. An emphasis on critical thinking, clinical decision making, outcomes analysis, and evidence based practice.
  5. Education environment designed to promote learning.
  6. A sequence of simulated and actual clinical experience across the curriculum.



At the end of program student will be able to;

PO1: Demonstrate in-dept. learning in research with respect to Physical Therapy

PO2: Inculcate the advance knowledge of research through article writing and dissertation writing

PO3: Critically appraise the articles and synthesizing novel approach

PO4: Perform independent research professionally and ethically

PO5: Utilize the skills in formulating action plan for patients/clients in the field of physical therapy

PO6: Implement the advance and innovative techniques in patients/clients for publishing the original work

PO7: Recognize the needs of society for Continuous Professional Development.

PO8: Exhibit leadership skills for professional guidance and future endeavors.

PO9: Attain Life-lasting learning

Fee Structure

Fee TypeCurrencyProposed FeePayment
Admission FeePkr 25,000At the time of Admission
Examination FeePkr10,450Each Semester
Security DepositPkr 25,000At the time of Admission (Refundable)
Student FundPkr5,000Each Semester
Tuition FeePkr75,000Each Semester

Scheme of Study for MPhil in Physical Therapy

Semester – I
PT-AB 801coreApplied Biomechanics2 (1-1)
PT-RBC 803coreResearch, Biostatistics and Critical Appraisal in Physical Therapy3 (3-0)
PT-EP 805electiveExercise Physiology2 (1-1)
PT-NMR 807electiveNeuromuscular Rehabilitation3 (2-1)
PT-GSE 809*electiveGeneral & Systemic Embryology*2 (2-0)*
PT-HM 811*electiveHistology & Micro Techniques*2 (2-1)*
Total Credit`10/ 9*
Semester – II
PT-CPR 802electiveCardiopulmonary Rehabilitation3 (2-1)
PT-TPSP 808coreTeaching Professional and Scientific Practice2 (2-0)
PT-MSK 806electiveMusculoskeletal Rehabilitation3 (2-1)
PT-WPR 804electiveWomen Health and Pediatric Rehabilitation3 (2-1)
PT-GABMI 814*electiveGross Anatomy II  with Basic Medical Imaging –II*3 (2-1)*
PT-GABMI 812*electiveGross Anatomy I Basic Medical Imaging – I*3 (2-1)*
PT-AB 810*electiveAdvance  Biomechanics*3 (2-1)*
Total Credit11
Semester – III (sub-specialty)
Neuromuscular  Rehabilitation (option 1)
PT-EBCDM 817coreEvidence Based Clinical Decision  Making3 (2-1)
PT-PAR 819corePsychosocial aspects of Rehabilitation3 (2-1)
MS-ANMPT 807electiveAdvance Neuromuscular Physical Therapy3 (2-1)
Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation (option 2)
PT-EBCDM 817coreEvidence Based  Clinical Decision Making3 (2-1)
PT-PAR 819corePsychosocial aspects of Rehabilitation3 (2-1)
PT-ACPT 802electiveAdvance Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy3 (2-1)
Exercise Physiology and Sports Sciences (option 3)
PT-EBCDM 817coreEvidence Based  Clinical Decision Making3 (2-1)
PT-PAR 819corePsychosocial aspects of Rehabilitation3 (2-1)
PT-ESPT 805electiveExercise and Sports Physical Therapy3 (2-1)
Women Health Rehabilitation (option 4)
PT-PAR 819corePsychosocial aspects of Rehabilitation3 (2-1)
PT-AWHPT  804electiveAdvance Women Health Physical Therapy3 (2-1)
PT-EBCDM 817coreEvidence Based Clinical Decision Making3 (2-1)
Pediatric Rehabilitation (option 5)
PT-PAR 819corePsychosocial aspects of Rehabilitation3 (2-1)
PT-APPT 815electiveAdvance Pediatric Physical Therapy3 (2-1)
PT-EBCDM 817coreEvidence Based Clinical Decision Making3 (2-1)
Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation (option 6)
PT-EBCDM 817coreEvidence Based Clinical Decision Making3 (2-1)
PT-AMT 806electiveAdvance Manual Techniques3 (2-1)
PT-PAR 819corePsychosocial aspects of Rehabilitation3 (2-1)
Applied Biomechanics and Anatomy (option 7)
PT-EBCDM 817Evidence Based Clinical Decision Making3(2-1)
PT-PAR 819Psychosocial aspects of Rehabilitation3(2-1)
PT-NAMI-801*Neuro-Anatomy & Advance Medical Imaging I2(2-0)
PT-HNAMI-801*Head & Neck & Advanced Medical Imaging II2(2-0)
 Total Credit9/10*
Semester –IV ( Research Base)
Semester-IV (Course Base)** 
PT-ESPT 805electiveExercise and Sports Physical Therapy3 (2-1)
PT-AMT 806electiveAdvance Manual Techniques3 (2-1)
PT-AB 810electiveAdvance  Biomechanics3 (2-1)
PT-HMPT 818electiveHealth Management in Physical Therapy3 (2-1)
PT-FW 820electiveFitness and Wellness3 (2-1)
PT-EHCP 822electiveEpidemiology for Health Care  Professionals3 (3-0)
Total Credit6
Grand total36

*Only for Applied biomechanics and anatomy domain, **only two courses offered