Independence Day

A jubilant environment was created in the wake of August in the campus by the students in anticipation of Independence Day. The halls of Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences were adorned with decorations and students flooded the floors wearing dresses of white and green. Faculty and student rejoiced and participated actively in the range of events arranged: from the exciting speech competition to the cake cutting. A drama written by the students themselves was performed. The anchors were rousing and kept the audience captivated with their energy filled presence. Patriotic songs were sung by melodious voices of the campus and the audience joined in chorus. In the end, the best performances were awarded. This year’s celebrations were unlike others and brought a dose of fun and activities to the campus. The ceremony was ended with traditional Cake Cutting followed by yummylicious lunch.


As you step through the wooden doors to the second floor, you feel the music flow through your veins, the rhythm gently coaxing your legs to fasten your pace toward the source. The corridor buzzes with the animated chatter of the students, their worrisome creases on their foreheads now barely visible. Students scurrying around in their colorful attires, their chiming laughs filling the atmosphere, abating the usual tensed environment. This is Batch VI. This is us.

We commenced our university days precisely 2.5 years ago, and we’re thrilled to say that we have made it halfway in one piece. This called for a celebration, and if anyone knows how to party, it’s us.

A fusion of Eid Milan and Half Grad, this celebration took place on the 17th of July, 2018. The students pitched in money for the ornaments and cuisine. An hour before the party, we took the liberty to embellish the place, covering the lights with colored cellophane paper, blowing up what seemed like an infinite amount of blue, black, and white balloons, and adorning the walls with vivid hanging décor. We put up all kinds of decorations to give the place an uplifting look, instead of a bland lecture hall.

A few students managed to give an outstanding dance performance after merely two hours of practice, while the rest hollered and clapped till their hands ached. A game of mimicry kept everyone entertained.

The day ended with students sitting together in a mass, eating heartily while simultaneously, cracking jokes and chuckling jovially, and afterward, a batch picture that signified unity, harmony, and sheer bliss.

A huge shout out to the lads of DPT Batch VI, for arranging and managing an unforgettable event with such grace and character.

Written by:

Kanza Rizvi

DPT Batch VI.

Post- Eid Celebrations

After the blessed and busy schedule of Ramzan and Eid , University resumed with a hectic routine, to combat that stress students always have their own gate way outs of celebrations so the students of DPT decided to have a POST EID Party at the campus. The floor was decorated with Balloons and shimmery colors, students were looking jaw droppingly beautiful, the faculty of Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences graced the occasion, the party was followed by traditional C=cake cutting, music, masti and yummyculios Lunch.

“Raah e Neki Welfare” – An Initiative of Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences

“Amidst all the chaos, there is still hope, there are people working for noble causes and trying to spread happiness. One such initiative is the “Raah e Neki Welfare” which is affiliated with Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences and is run by the students who are working voluntarily for it. A proud moment for all the Zcrians.

Following the Islamic teaching of helping others and not forgetting the deserving on happy occasions, the students of ZCRS, arranged Eidi for young girls and boys, targeting the population of Moosa Colony. Approximately, one hundred and fifty bags were distributed which had Cash Eidi envelops, shalwar kameez, henna and bangles were arranged for the girls. The students collected donations for this noble cause and gathered a handsome amount of one lac and twenty thousand rupees from college faculty and students, who have contributed devotedly for this cause..

The passion which the students displayed is unmatchable and appreciable. We hope their efforts and hard work brought smiles on the faces of people and made them happy. We also hope and pray that the students continue these efforts with the same energy and enthusiasm.”

Ziauddin University Convocation 2018

Ziauddin University awarded 504 degrees to its graduating students of different disciplines at its 15th convocation held at the Expo Centre here on Wednesday.

Addressing the students, Sindh Governor Muha­mad Zubair, the chief guest on the occasion, emphasized the importance of quality education and praised the efforts of university chancellor Dr Asim Hussain for the institution.

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Speaking With Silence!

Taking a step ahead, the students of DPT Final year became the trend setters showing their creativity The social issues of the society were beautifully highlighted through 2 to 3 minutes videos, showing the talents through mannequin challenge and speaking with silence. The assignment was given as a part of social awareness in the coursework of ‘Professional Practices and Teaching Methodology’. The entire class was divided into three groups and a facilitator from the course team provided assistance. The themes were Oppressed, Say No to Bullying and Impact of Social Media to create awareness among the young adults. Students used their DSLR cameras and mobile phones for video recordings.

The videos were played to share the hard work and efforts of the students with their peer and faculty. The Principal, Ms Sumaira appreciated the students on their independent work beginning from rehearsals to making and then editing the video. The enthusiasm of the students was remarkable.

Second Annual Function

The program was held at Abul Hassan Jaffery Auditorium which hosted a gathering of nearly three hundred which included students, faculty, and guest, The ceremony kicked off with bhangra beats carrying a procession of final year students all adored with props.

Convocation 2017

Ziauddin University awarded over 300 degrees to the graduating students for various disciplines at the 14th convocation, held at the Expo Centre.

ZCPT Commencement Day 2017

Commemoration Day was organized by ZCPT on Tuesday March 7 2017, to acknowledge curricular and extra-curricular activities of the students. The effort of the faculty was highly appreciated by the students and they designate this activity to be very beneficial to create a healthy competition among the students and improving their performance.

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