SEMINAR: Community, Forensic Psychiatry and Rehabilitation 29th December 2022

SEMINAR: Community, Forensic Psychiatry and Rehabilitation - 29th December 2022

On December 29, 2022, Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences organized an interactive session with Dr. Khurram Hafeez Khan, a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist at Scotland’s State Hospital, Carstairs. The session focused on community, forensic psychiatry, and rehabilitation, and aimed to promote advocacy for mental disorders, multidisciplinary management and rehabilitation, and recovery and exploration of the interface between mental disorders and the criminal justice system.

Ms. Neelum Zehra, the Vice-Principal and Head of Occupational Therapy, introduced Dr. Khurram, who began the session by outlining the purpose and objectives of forensic psychiatric facilities. He then explained the basic assessment process that involves a mental state examination and the significance of therapeutic alliance and therapeutic optimism, using real life case examples.

Dr. Khurram kept the session interactive and shared that a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team is an integral part of forensic rehabilitation. He also shared different approaches for treatment and advocated for students about the causes of mental health disorders.

Dr. Sumaira Imran Farooqui, the Principal of Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences, thanked Dr. Khurram for continuing advocacy through an online session previously, and they also discussed the feasibility of future collaboration between the institutes to promote learning among rehabilitation professionals.

MPhil Commencement Day – 26 December 2022

MPhil Commencement Day - 26 December 2022

Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation inducted its 10th batch of MPhil of Physical Therapy with the aim of helping individuals achieve excellence in their desired field of interest and research. The commencement day of the MPhil batch of 2023 was held on December 22, 2022, at the ZCRS North Nazimabad in the presence of Professor Dr. Sumaira Imran Farooqui, the Principal of ZCRS, PG Coordinator Dr. Amna Aamir Khan, and MPhil Coordinator Mr. Abid Khan. The event began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mr. Ather Hashmi, a senior lecturer at ZCRS. Mr. Abid Khan, Assistant Professor, and coordinator of MPhil served as the anchor for the smooth conduct of the event. He introduced the aspirants to the history of Ziauddin University and discussed the student policies. Professor Dr. Sumaira Imran Farooqui, the Principal of ZCRS, was then invited to address the new batch. The interactive session was dynamically addressed by Dr. Amna Amir Khan, who congratulated the new batch for taking another step forward in their personal and professional development in the field of rehabilitation sciences. Mr. Minhaj, a representative of the IT department, also trained the students on the student portal and the handling of their accounts for academic activities. The event concluded with a photography session and hi-tea.

Commencement/Orientation Day for Doctor of Physical Therapy.

On January 2, 2023 the Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Ziauddin University-Sukkur Campus observed the Commencement/Orientation Day for Doctor of Physical Therapy. The day marked a great beginning of a great journey. The event was attended by all the students participating with a great zest and zeal, and promised to carry out their five years academic journey here at ZCRS-ZU Sukkur Campus. The event was formally begun with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Muhammad Salman (Students of DPT Batch-I, Semester-IV) and later on, proceeded by Ms. Farkhunda Feroz (Lecturer at ZCRS) who hosted the whole event. The students were also informed about the academic protocols and examination policies by Ms. Khusboo Mariam (Lecturer at ZCRS). However, the whole event was presided over by Mr. Muhammad Usman Khan (Vice Principal at ZCRS-Sukkur). Mr Khan had a wide and spiced discussion about all and sundry aspects of ZCRS. He gave a brief introduction of all the heads and faculty working at ZCRS, ZU Campuses. After all, the session was forwarded to Mr.Mumtaz (Senior Lecturer at ZCRS) who elaborated the preliminary documentation required for the academics. In addition to the formal setting and presentation, the students were given gift packs/giveaways by Ziahuddin University and were also offered lunch boxes followed by a group photo among all with a conclusion note.



(Clinical Supervisor’s Co-ordination  Meeting)

2nd December 2022

With the vision of “Bestowing Eminence in Rehabilitation”, ZCRS organized a meet and greet session with all the clinical supervisors aiming to enhance industrial collaboration and strengthening clinical ties.

The event took place on 2nd December 2022 where Prof  Dr. Sumaira Imran Farooqui along with the clinical coordinators and faculty members led the discussion and raised the need for a rehabilitation alliance in Pakistan. The session greatly indulged the industrial collaborators and ignited the discussion of the quality of rehabilitation professionals required today, it also included a detailed Q/A session where strategic measures to enhance the clinical skills of ZCRS students were discussed. A detailed campus visit and refreshment were followed by the discussion. The session ended with lots of appraisal, acknowledgement and applauds for ZCRS team for taking this initiative which is the need of time.


The Undergraduate students of DPT Link road location organized a Summer Gala and character day on 2nd June 2nd, 2022. The main idea behind the Gala was to involve all the batches in fun-filled and thrilling activities to release their anxiety from the workload and enable them to spent time with one another. The students whole-heatedly decorated their class rooms into a beach theme setting and dressed up as their favorite Bollywood characters. Several on-minute challenge games like Ping-Pong, pop the balloon and musical chair were organized that were equally enjoyed by the available faculty members. Moreover, after the gaming session, the winners were given prizes and the best dressed male and female students were badged with the Title of ‘Lord of the Eve’ and Goddess of the Eve respectfully. In addition to this, the students also performed several songs on the keyboard and did karaoke with was applauded by all of the attendees. Lastly, a buffet lunch was organized by the students for which the faculty was also invited to.

Sociology Posters Presentation

Today, on March 29, 2022, the students of Batch-I (ZCRS-Sukkur) delivered the poster presentation assigned in the class of Sociology. The respective students participated in the competition with great eagerness. Meanwhile, the students from the other batch were also welcomed by the presenters for the Q&A session. However, the core purpose behind this assignment was to brush up on the communication skills of the students and help them learn individualism, leadership and personal development.

Pakistan Day Celebration

The proud students of the Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Ziauddin University – Sukkur Campus celebrated Youm-e-Pakistan (The Pakistan Day) today with a great zest and zeal. The event was begun with the National Anthem of Pakistan and Ziauddin Anthem. The main core of the celebrations was set up with a Quiz Competition regarding the Pakistan Day in which all the students were set at large to participate after qualifying the open merit-based round. Meanwhile, the students showed an energetic participation throughout the Quiz Session. The short Quiz Competition was concluded with awarding the respective position holders of the said competition: Sanjah Mahar & Naveed Ahmed from DPT, Batch II (1st Position), Muhammad Adil & Areesh Fatima DPT, Batch I (2nd Position) and Tasawur Banu & Unsa Fatima, DPT, Batch I (3rd Position). The marvelous eve got its ending note with appreciation to the winners from the faculty and a group photograph of the ZCRS-SUKKUR family.

Movie Day

On the 10th of March 2022, a movie day was organized by the students of DPT Batch-XI at Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Link Road location. For this specific event, a thriller film/documentary ‘The Nightmare’ was chosen on popular demand of the students. Likewise, the students decorated their classroom turning it into a mini theatre and also dressed up in accordance to the theme. The basic goal of the event was to provide students with quality time after the mid-term examination ended. Moreover, the students were also provided with refreshments to devour on whilst they enjoyed the movie. The refreshment included popular savory items like: popcorn, soft drinks, and pizza. 



Purpose: Educate and train people related to fitness and flexibility training.

Definition: Flexibility training is all about range of motion related to muscles and joints,also types of stretching are discuss in details.

Procedure: I had conducted a Flexibility training webinar class on Sunday 11:00 am to 1:00pm. I explained stretching types and benefits in details. I used some instrument and equipment for the proper demonstration. Provided  practical examples of all types of stretching and also engaged people in stretching exercises to make more entertaining and interesting session.

Surprise visit by VC

On Wednesday, March 09, 2022, the worth Vice-Chancellor of Ziauddin University paid a surprise visit to the Ziauddin University, College of Rehabilitation Sciences – Sukkur Campus early in the morning.
The prestigious VC presented a wonderful instructive and motivational session on interpersonal skills, entrepreneurship, and professional development. The students warmly welcomed the Vice Chancellor’s recommendations, and also participated actively with many constructive questions and answers during his talk. The VC was in the end honored with a group photo with the faculty and students of the ZCRS – Sukkur Campus.

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